Get back to yourself

I feel the change of seasons a moment, every time. The small signs that the elements give you of what is to come. Right now it is September and the nights are getting colder and the morning air is wetter. The light disappears faster and your body calls you back inside.
Answer the call and connect to the changes to embody the flow of life.


What you can do

Go outside, your garden, park or forest (or in the case of terrible weather just your living room).

Find the East and turn towards it. What is nature showing you there. Connect to what you see and call it to you. The East is the air element. Your breath, your voice. Pay attention to your breathing. Do you feel free to say what your heart tells you, or are you still? Call your real voice back home.

Turn South, the element of fire. Passion and driving force, but also destruction of things that you want to leave behind. What do you see in the south and where do you feel the heat.


Turn to the West, water. Your blood. Feel the flow of things and trust your flow. What do you see that resonates with the flow of your life. For your feelings, look and translate in full confidence that you are driving.

Turn to the North, the earth and feel grounded and at home. In this place, this earth and in your own seat of the soul. Which materials do you see and which help your grounding. Do you see these materials another time and they stand out for you? This is a call from your soul to ground.


Enjoy your day and all changes.